Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Carl Wertheimer

Carl Wertheimer was born in Germany and has been a resident of Point Lookout since 1956.

Carl is a man of many talents and was a dedicated physician who served his patients well. He was a classical pianist and an admiring fan of the great maestro Arturo Toscani.

In 1975 he began to paint. His works include watercolors and oils, and he became a frequent contributor to the Point Lookout Art Show. In 1979 he received first prize for his work in the Long Beach Art Show.

His greatest legacy to our community remains the many years spent in volunteer services as the physician for our Fire Department. Carl answered the rescue calls, provided his medical expertise, and comforted those in need. He is remembered fondly as an ageless man for all seasons