Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Long Island Native Amerucans explored our beach after the Atlantic ocean over eons of time converted the glacier till into the sandy barrier beach now known as Point Lookout. The Indians harvested shellfish, using the shells as currency; later the English colonists harvested the seagrass to supply hay for their livestock. \\

In pursuit of the whales that often cruised off Point Lookout the whalers employed a lookout to signal the presence of these prized catches. Hence the name Point Lookout,

The natural beauty of Point Lookout together with its proximity to Long Beach led enterprising entrepreneurs to construct a railroad from Long Beach to Point Lookout where in 1881 a beautiful hotel with companion cottages was built.Several socially successful seasons followed. As for the financial side, a succession of failures followed as did efforts to deal with chronic storm-induced damage. Finally the enterprise succomed to nature’s fickle side, a furious hurricane in 1889 wiped out the railroad track and what remained of he hotel later burned.

In the early 1900's a community of beach cottages was established in the area now occupied by Malibu beach. it prospered for a few years but a fire in 1928 burned many of the houses.The scorched hulks were buried in sand.

During this period cottages began to show up on Point Lookout. They were preceded by a "Life Saving Statiun", later renamed the Coast Guard. The community continued to grow from a handful of vacation homes scattered among the sand dunes to become the beautiful and happy year-round community it is today

To give the reader a sense of this transformation which occurred over a century, the images below compare various features of the community as they existed in the early days with those that now identify our community.

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credits: Point Histori Society,Bobbie Dowling, The Outlook, Brendan Cahill Editor,Don Kelly, former and current members of PLHS