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Rosemary Dowling

From the Outlook, Vol.1 No. 1:
It is impossible to write about the Point Lookout HistoricalSociety without writing also of Rosemary A. Dowling.

She was its founder, its curator, its leader. Her exhibits were legendary – whether she was celebrating the houses, the beaches and inlets, the businesses and bars, the people from our collective past who made our community unique– there was always a crowd, always someone arguing or embellishing. She was always at the center of it, taking it in, asking for a copy of a family photo, cornering someone to sit down for fifteen minutes to clarify a point. A woman of endless energy, Rosemary Dowling was able to combine civic spirit together with a fierce sense of family and a sharp wit. It is fair to say that she did not suffer fools and she was always sure in her convictions.

One day,which,depending on the memory could be a long time ago or seemingly just past,the former Rosemary McLoone of Flatbush met a young Thomas Dowling,and they fell in love.

They raised five children together, Rosemary (Rary), who now co-chairs the PLHS,Thomas, Jimmy,Maureen, and Kristina.They became grandparents to 11 (now 12) grandchildren.

They made their lives in Point Lookout, in a unique house on Ocean Boulevard that reflected their love and interests.They gave back to their community in so many ways. It is incredible to think that they were each President of the Point Lookout Civic Association (as was Rosemary’s brother Jack McLoone) besides being a parent, and a spouse, and if that were not enough she was a volunteer or leader in so many other causes. She didn’t need her name on the letterhead, she didn’t need anyone else to know; she was always there when you needed her.

She was always in my life.The Dowlings were close friends with my parents, the boys were childhood friends of my brothers, our families owned a boat together a long time ago. In Point Lookout you just become intertwined with some families. Later, as an adult, I would run into her at the beach, where she seemed to set up her summer office, sitting with her children and grandchildren; again, always at the center, always with that incredible tan and Cheshire Cat smile, always glad to see me or my brothers or our children and, always and forever, formidable and strong. It is that strength – that sureness in herself and her surroundings that I will remember

In losing Rosemary Dowling,we have lost a driving force, and it is a testament to her vision and energy that the PLHS has continued to be such a thriving, productive, positive voice in our community.

She is missed by so many and is present in all the work that we continue on her behalf.
The Editor