Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Beach Erosion
Robert L. Doxsee, Originally published in The Community Outlook,July 1951

Point Lookout Beach by Robert L. Doxsee,July 1951

The recent publicity given to the erosion conditions at Point Lookout was caused by statements made by our Congressman in Washington to back his contention that the Jones Inlet improvement program was essential to the good and welfare of the south shore of Long Island and that this project approved by the Congress and the Army Engineers, six and ten years ago respectively, is a must and should no longer be delayed.

One newspaper picked up the remarks and the other newspapers sent reporters into our area to get the story. Some of you may object to receiving this type of publicity. However, our hope of salvation is to impress upon the minds of the public officials the fact that navigational hazards and erosion of Point Lookout are wrapped up in one package, and if adequate means of protection are not forthcoming before it is too late, a ten million dollar community is going to suffer grave damage and its real estate so impede navigation that the whole boating industry of the south shore will be hung on a sand-bar.

Last spring the collapse of the sea wall on the south end made necessary the expenditure of the sum of $23,000 to put that section back into shape. Up to date all emergencies have been met and we all hope and expect that future emergencies will be met. However, we can not hold indefinitely without a Federal project on the east side of the Inlet.

Your general ocean front and bathing beach conditions are not good. A study of this subject is underway. Our officials, both Town and County, have been on the scene and serious study will be made as to the best method of rehabilitating our ocean front.

It may be that our bathing beach conditions this year will be far from ideal, but be assured that conscientious thought and study, both engineering and financial, is being given to the problem. I am confident that an over-all program will be formulated which will be in the best interests of us all.

Please be patient and make the best of what beach we have for our use this Summer.