Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Start of the Fire Department

The Point Lookout Volunteer Fire Company came into existence in 1931.

The constitution and by-laws of thisoriginal company make for interesting reading. The officers were a Foreman, Assistant Foreman, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms and three Trustees.

Fines and penalities were imposed for non-performance of duties or certain offenses. Such fines ran from 25 cents to $2.00. For instance, a member could be fined 25 cents for not preserving order at a meeting or for profane language. Obviously, all of this was before inflation and the permissive society.

A fire house had to come in to existence too. So, around 1932, on a hot Saturday, between the dawn and the dark, one was built. Mr. Hughes who put in the streets contributed the timber, as did the local builders. Hardware, doors and roofing had to be bought. This was something of a hardship in those depression days. Signs, including the "welcome" one were donated by Bergman.

A Ford was the first piece of automotive equipment. It was loaded with brooms shovels, extinguishers, a few lengths of hose and other fire manic impedementa. All this was at no cost to the taxpayers. The Metropolitan model fire engine was purchased from Bellmore by the Point LookoutVolunteerCompany, Inc. for the sum of $400 (also at no cost to the taxpayers). This is the fourth in a series of articles being prepared by the Historical Committee of the Ovic Association of Point Lookout.