Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Community Outlook July 1973

The Community Church was established forty years ago and since that time many have served as President of the Board of Trustees. At this time, it is our aim to point up the highlights of each administration.

MELVILLE E. GEISLER - 1934-'38 - Mel was the first to hold the office serving as President of the Board of Governors as then known. He was among those who met July 11, 1934 "for the purpose of forming an association for the extension of God's work in the community known as Point Lookout, Nassau County, New York."_

WILLIAM R. BRADSHAW - 1938-'47 - Mr. Bradshaw served as president for 9 long years including those of World War II. One of the first acts of his board was to incorporate the church under the Laws of New York State.

ANDREW G. KUNZ - 1951-'56 During Andy's administration great progress was made. The church bought the present site (12 lots.), plus the old Coast Guard Station which led the way to the present church building. This was all largely due to good leadership and enormous time and effort on the part of Andy Kunz.

NORMAN S. MELLON - 1950-'51 Mr. Mellon served a short time as presi· dent (by his own wishes). He was a long time member of the Board and an outstanding church treasurer.

HERBERT ULPH - 1951 - Although Herb was the acting president for a short time, he was another who contributed much. He served with distinction as editor of the Outlook for many years.

ANDREW G. KUNZ - 1951-'56 Mr. Kunz was re-elected to the post in 1951 and continued to work ceaselessly in behalf of his church. He remained as a member of the Board and was, as usual, always available for counsel and hard work on all projects.

ALBERT THOMPSON - 1956·'59 This was a period of great expansion. A successful Building Fund Drive resulted in the completion of the south end of the church - the chancel area in the sanctuary with its lovely picture window and downstairs - the kitchen, Parish Hall and Sunday School area. The building of the parsonage was postponed.

HAROLD T. GATES - 1959·'67 Harold held the post for 8 years. It was during his term that the parsonage was completed. The first to occupy it was Rev. Allen D. MacLean in 1962. The land for the Garden"of Memory" was purchased during Mr. Gates' administration. The addition of the parking field was a very welcome gift.

ALBERT THOMPSON - 1967-'68 was re-elected for the period following Mr. Gates' retirement. Mr. Thompson continued on the Board of Trustees until his retirement in 1969.

IVAR W. MALMSTROM - 1968·'71 - One of the first undertakings of Ivar's years was the completing of the parsonage by finishing off the second floor. Another accomplishment, made possible by a generous gift, was the erecting of the fence around the church grounds. Then the church marker at the corner of Lido Boulevard was an attractive addition during this period. Mr. Malmstrom is still an active member of the Board.

JAMES Q. MAZZEI - 1971·'72 - Mr.Mazzei's administration brings us closer to current times. It was he who saw to it that the building was adequately covered by the proper insurance which involved a bit of fire-proofing. Jim is still an active member of the Board.

BETTY CHISHOLM - 1972· - Betty was elected to her post last September. She has the distinction of being the first woman to occupy the post. She has seen much accomplished during her occupan· cy thus far - the painting of the sanctua· ry, the beautifying of the narthex and now the painting of the exterior.

Unfortunately, space has made it necessary for us to omit the names of many people other than Board Presidents who were dedicated to working for the church. Tker~'s really a story there for someone to tell.