Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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BiCentennial Celebration
Community Outlook July 1976

Anne McGoldrick needs definitely to be thanked for the BiCentennial Celebration at Point Lookout on Saturday, July 3. She was the chairman of the entire affair and arranged every part of it with her usual capable, meticulous planning.

The very meaning of the day was beautifully celebrated with a 9 o'clock Mass at the Church of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Father Casey was the celebrant. Following this, a large group assembled on the grounds of the Point Lookout Community Church. It seemed an appropriate time for the Church to have a dedicatory service for some historical plaques. Therefore, while Anne and her coworkers got the youngsters together for selecting prize winners, those services took place.

Pastor Eastland introduced Met Brown, the Chairman of the town's Historical Committee. Mr. Brown praised Albert Thompson and Jerry Boyle for the work they had done at Washington at the Bureau of Archives. Following this Mr. Boyle spoke a bit about Mr. Thompson and informed the group that he, himself, is planning to celebrate the Tri-Centennial.

Congressman Norman Lent who had helped the men in their research then spoke a few words. He told about the history of the church structure and praised the townspeople for their ecumenism.

Betty Chisholm, president of the Board of Trustees of the Church greeted the people. Harry Campbell read the inscription on the plaques.

Mrs. McGoldrick thanked all her coworkers which were many and then got the Parade on the road.



Pastor Eastland, other Reverend Clergy, members of the Point Lookout Community Church:

"May I say first of all how pleased and honored I am to be invited here to participate in a program commemorating not only our nation's 200th birthday, but the important history of the property on which this ciiurch stands. " "I was privileged to play a small part in assisting two' of your friends, Mr. Albert Thompson and Mr. Gerald Boyle, in researching the history of this land, and I am delighted that their hard work and the dedicated efforts of so many others has produced this happy and memorable occasion. "

"I think it is especially appropriate that a church occupies land once used as a Coast Guard 'lifeboat station. The Coast Guard and the church have in common a usage of this historic site to save those who could no longer help themselves. The briny deep and the raging seas of contemporary life are equally perilous, and the succession from Coast Guard to church in ownership is to me wonderfully symbolic of the best we can hope to achieve as a result of our Bicentennial observance."

"We must never forget that the American Revolution was as much a fight for religious independence as it was for political independence. To my way of thinking these goals are as inseparable today as they were 200 years ago."

"Think about it a minute. The freedom of religion guaranteed in the Bill of Rights not only preserves the freedom of the individual to worship God in his own way, but thereby encourages that inner diaglogue of conscience and thought which produces a vital people and a vital democracy."

"You and I know that America has been strengthened by this diversity of religion and thought - the wide variety of opinion that our system protects and fosters is one of the signs of health in a democratic society."

"In an age of skepticism, standing up for patriotism and God is too often something reserved for special occasions. If the Bicentennial serves to remind people that God is the watchful Father of freedom, that patriotism is nothing to blush about, and that to embrace religion and patriotism is to believe and affirm the heritage of freedom that our nation represents, as a beacon to the world, then our Bicentennial will be a roaring success and a profound blessing."

"I salute the proud history of this church and this site, and know that the traditions of this historic past will be carried forward into an exciting, vibrant, and better future for us all."