Point Lookout, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

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Albert Thompson

Albert Thompson died suddenly at his home on Lido Boulevard at the age of 81, on April 10, 1976. That very morning and the night before he had chatted with neighbors with his usual cheerful optimism and warmth. His death was unexpected though he had been hospitalized several times in recent months.He leaves his widow, Ivy, a talented painter, a son Robert, a daughter Beatrice, who, with .her husband, Richard Lechler -brought up their four daughters and four sons at Point Lookout. Seven of the Lechler children were born here and baptized at the Community Church. The Lechlers who moved to Florida were, while living here an exemplary family.Last year, at the request of the Civic Association and its Historical Committee, Mr. Thompson took on the task of researching the history of the U.S. Coast Guard Station which was a landmark at the Point for more than 100 years.

Despite his physical handicaps, Mr. Thompson, with Gerald Boyle, went to Washington, D.C. to check the records in the National Archives, study the maps and logs, obtain photostats and data and prepare materials which have been used in a series of articles running in the OUTLOOK. This was Mr. Thompson's last big contribution to the community and will serve for a long time as a tribute to his civic interest, his industry and his courage.After Mr. Thompson's retirement from international finance operations, in which he was an expert, he devoted his time and abilities to his church, his community and to his growing family. He was largely responsible for the development and survival of the Community Church, of which he was president of the Board of Trustees of the church for several years.Point Lookout has lost one of its great leaders and boosters. He played his role in life with noble spirit, religious devotion, personal sacrifice and deep humility. He has gone to his eternal sleep, leaving us all the richer for having known him. In memoriam, we may recall that"when we are dead, seek for our resting place, not in the earth but in the hearts of men"